Dear Maple Developers,

Maple offers OpenMaple, which is nice and sufficient for driving Maple from extermal applications.

On the other hand Maple offers only very limited support for calling Java methods from maple (static emthods only, no objects).

So it is only possible with programming some extra static Java adapter classes to work with Java objects and their methods. This is a very cimbersome and clumsy workaround only.

Compared to applications like Mathematica, octave, Matlab the capability of Maple is very weak.

*** It would be very helpful if one could create Java objects and call static as well as instance methods to make full use of existing Java classes. ***

Functions like

o = javaCreate("package.class", [constructor_arg_1, constructor_arg_2, constructor_arg_3]);
retVal = javaCall(o,"methodname", [arg_1, arg_2, arg_3] );

etc. (see other products) would be very welcome.



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