you can change help of older maple version to 18 by this command:


for example if you download DirectSearch optimization package it's help don't open in maple 18 because in maple 18 .hdb converted to .help and you can do this convert by HelpTools:-Database:-ConvertAll():

DirectSearch version 2 created for maple 13 and i converted it's help to 18.

after i typed this command maple 18 wrote: 

"Converting G:\\Program Files\\Maple 18\\lib\\DirectSearch.hdb to G:\\Program Files\\Maple 18\\lib\\"
Warning, .hdb help databases are deprecated, 'G:\Program Files\Maple 18\lib\DirectSearch.hdb' will not be used, see ?HelpTools,Migrate help page for more information.

and when try again it worked properly and DirectSearch help opened.

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