Greetings to all.

As some of you may remember I have posted several announcements concerning Power Group Enumeration and the Polya Enumeration Theorem this past year, e.g. at this MaplePrimes link: Power Group Enumeration.

I have continued to work in this field and for those of you who have followed the earlier threads I would like to present some links to my more recent work using the Burnside lemma. Of course all of these are programmed in Maple and include the Maple code and it is with the demonstration of Maple's group theory capabilities in mind that I present them to you (math.stackexchange links).

The third and fourth to last link in particular include advanced Maple code.

The second entry is new as of October 30 2015.

With my best wishes for happy group theory computing with Maple,


Marko Riedel

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