 Obtain the tri-stimulus XYZ values from the CIE Color matching functions.

 Show the gamut of maximum chroma for the standard observer model with a D65 Illuminant.

 Approximate the white point of a Planckian source and compare to D65.

 Translate the maximum chroma gamut in xy to Lab (CIE L*a*b*) for perceived gamut (Violet and Magenta come together)

 Map the RGB color cube of fully saturated color into Lab and compare to perceivable colors.

10/6/15  Initial Document

•12/28/15 Improve RGB gamut with more data points: Procedures added for RGB to Lab: Wavlength Colors now based on CIEDE2000 model for Lab.                   


 Here is the latest version of this document, the MSL_data must be in a directory set in the mw file;

MSL_data.xlsx    Vision_RGB_Gamut.mw

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