i have two quotes :


You confuse science with engineering, publication with patents. Intellectual property law does not recognize ownership of scientific truth. Your theory is true, or it isn't. You don't 'own' it. An apple does not need Isaac Newton's permission to fall to the ground. The primary protections for inventions are trade secret and patents. The primary protection for other intellectual property is copyright, and wise choices in how you use it and publish it.


If it is indeed a theory, it has already been published and tested repeatedly. I suspect that what you have is an idea that you have yet to test. What you have to do is devise a way of testing your idea. If it survives that, you can publish in a scientific journal, provided you can get your paper accepted. Future authors can then either give you credit or write papers saying that you were wrong


please help us to increse base knowledge that how can register  mathematical theories ?

so kudos , if you mention to some steps or links , examples ...


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