MaplePrimes is a community where thousands of members share their expertise and knowledge of Maplesoft products, and of math & technical topics in general.  To help nurture the environment, and to maintain a quality resource for MaplePrimes members, we have decided to extend content moderation to the community.

I expect that the roles of moderators will evolve as we move forward, but to start, moderator’s will have the following capabilities:

  • Remove commercial messages (spam) or otherwise inappropriate or offensive content as described  in the MaplePrimes Community Guidelines.
  • Re-categorize posts to the correct forum category.
  • Select high quality blog posts or message topics to appear on the front page of MaplePrimes.
  • Correct bad formatting within messages.

This is sort of an experiment for us, so we are starting out slowly with a small group of moderators that we have selected.  Each of the moderators is a long time MaplePrimes user with a reputation for positive contributions, and we look forward to their increased involvement in the site.  There are many other great MaplePrimes’ members that we could also have selected, but we want to keep the number small, at least to start.

The MaplePrimes Community Moderators are:


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