As many of the users on MaplePrimes are instructors, I thought it appropriate to let everyone know about a new resource available on the Maplesoft web site called the Teacher Resource Center.

The Teacher Resource Center is a collection of content that we have put together for instructors to help them teach with Maple.  The centerpiece of the section is a collection of Precalculus course content which covers major functions that one would find in a standard precalculus textbook.  The content was assembled with the help of mathematics instructors, and each topic consists of a short demonstration video, a Maple Worksheet with lecture notes and examples, Maple TA Question Banks and a Maple Player file.  All content can be downloaded and freely used by educators, and additional information is provided about how to teach with the materials.

We have launched the TRC with 29 Precalc topics and are in the process of authoring new content.

The Teacher Resource Center is available at


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