I have been trying to get Maple12 to generate C code to implement the
quadratic formula (to produce a root of a second degree polynomial).

My failure to make any progress leads me to conjecture that even
though C is Turing complete as a programming language, Maple12
believes C is incapable of dealing with complex numbers.

* Is that conjecture correct?

I subsequently attempted to use "Re(x)" and "Im(x)" in two procedures
(the first procedure to return the real part, and the second procedure
to return the complex part), thinking that perhaps Maple12 would
consent to generate C code for procedures returning real values.
However, I get:

"codegen/C/expression: Unknown function: Im will be left as is"

* Is it generally a waste of time to attempt to get Maple12 to produce
C code if complex numbers are involved?

(I do not need C code for complex quadratic roots, I merely tired that
as an exercise before moving on to harder things).

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