I'm asking Maple for simple things only, yet still (5 years later) I get nothing.

I'm creating 3 contour plots for potential functions in 3 bordering regions of 3-space,

because a continuous potential function isn't possible to define. 

After an entire worksheet worth of variable definitions and series expansions, i say simply:






and each plot manifests, although it takes close to 10 minutes to construct each.

Because I want to see them all contained within one window, giving the impression of continuity,

i say:

display(CPA, CPB, CPC, title="".....options etc.);


and Maple gives me the old line about

"Error, (in display) first argument must be a plot structure or list, set or array of plot structures"

which I have heard many times before. 


Simple command, yet Maple cannot seem to obey it.  Again, the plots are displayed perfectly when I define them initially, but when I try to call them together, Maple can't handle it.  And when I say display(CPA) it works fine, but display(CPB) and display(CPC) give me the same error.  What is going on, how can I fix it, and where can I find a different math suite? 


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