Maple 10 (patched to 10.03) is inconsistent with its font choice in Maplet MathMLViewer elements when the fontsize option is set. If you don't set fontsize, then equations are typeset as expected with variables in italic font, just like in an ordinary Maple worksheet. But if you set fontsize to say 18pt, suddenly the variables are typeset in upright font. For instance try the following:
Eq := [diff(u(x,y),x)= diff(v(x,y),y), diff(u(x,y),y)=-diff(v(x,y),x)];
maplet := Maplet([
   [BoxCell("Fontsize 18:")],
   [MathMLViewer('value' = Eq, 'fontsize'=18)],
   [Button("OK", Shutdown())]
The only fontsize which typesets in italic is 12 i.e. the default. (The MathMLViewer help page claims the default fontsize is 18, but that appears to be incorrect.) Is there a way to get the typesetting in a MathMLViewer consistent if one changes fontsize?

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