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hi all, I know I can plot y=x^2 by using command like plot(x^2, x=-2..2);. In this example we have an explicit expression of y. What if we cannot find an explicit expression of y? For example, suppose we do not want to find an explicit expression of y in equation x^2+y^2=1, then how can we plot this circle? by the way, what's the difference between forum and blog here? thanks!
i have a bunch of commands as follows, seperated by shift+return. after the last command, a return ofcourse. Then I execute these commands by a return. it will give a result, but next time I enter return again, it gives another result. What's wrong? You can test in maple. I will change value of x. when x=400, command tau := fsolve(S(t)=c,t, 0..infinity); returns no solution. but start from x=500 and larger, it has solution. The problem is, when I change x, the value of tau doesn't change (sometimes it may change, but sometimes it wouldn't). I don't know if it is because the assignment of S,H,F.
Can somebody provide me with code or hints how to get function values in tabular form?
what is the meaning of type operator :: and module memeber selector :-? the maple help doesn't explain to me..
Dear all, I'm frustrated by some ODE problems. sorry the form is a little bit complex: solution := dsolve([diff(s(t),t) = A - A * rho^((1 - r^(theta * t)) * x) - v, diff(f(t),t)=((c - s(t)) / l) * m + x, diff(h(t),t) = x, f(0) = 0, s(0) = 0, h(0) = 0], numeric); for this problem no closed-form, only numerical solution can be found. I have following questions: (1) why cannot I evaluate the value of f(t) at t=5 by using f(5)? (2) For each fixed x, there are curves s(t), f(t), and h(t). Given s(tau) = c, I want to find f(tau)=?. How can I do that? Do I need to find tau first, then find f(tau)? How?
You may have noticed that we've introduced prizes to get people more involved ... bribery is not beyond this crew to make this site successful.

Chi^2 calculations above some "size" or "complexity", using Maple 9.5 and Global Optimization Toolbox (GOT), may produce after some time of calculation error messages like:

"Execution stopped: stack limit reached.
The kernel has been shut down. Further computation cannot be performed."

Seeking workarounds, I have looked for information at ?kernelopts for kernelopts(stacklimit), but it was not very useful:

"Limits may be raised or lowered. Maple limits may not be raised above any system defined hard limits. "

A question was asked in the forums about series tests. I saw that this would also make an excellent weblog entry as well. In answer to the questions: How can I get Maple to determine if a series converges or diverges? and How can I obtain the general representation of a formal power series for a function? I offer the following advice:
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