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i use fsolve to find appraxmaite solution. there are some parameter in my equastion wher i do loop in this pramater form 0.. 1000,000,00

i have other problem with "fsolve and digits". when Digits =12;  i cannot find  approx solution using "fsolve"

when i decrease or increase  the digit "Digits:=11 , Digits:=13",  i find the  approx solution using "fsolve".

i donot know what is wrong!!!

There was an interesting question from Christopher2222:

Maple keeps changing the variable xi to the greek letter

Now I need a solution for a specific application, Here is the code:


L:=[Normal, Beta, Gamma]:

for i to 3 do
end do:

This will work for L[1], but not for L[2] and L[3]...

Let's say I define L1..L5 and M1..M5 respectively

for i to 5 do:
end do;

for i to 5 do:
end do;

Now I want to find out, whether the maxima of the two sequences L1..L5 and M1..M5 have the same subscript.
So I need a kind of proc that outputs 'true', if subscript(max(L1..L5))=subscript(max(M1..M5)), 'false' for subscript(max(L1..L5))<>subscript(max(M1..M5)) and 'FAIL' otherwise.

Does anyone...


plot(2/(3*x)+x, x = -5 .. 5)


Though this is ok :plot(2/(3*x)+x, x = -5 .. 5, y = -5 .. 5)

but ... lazy to set range of y axis at the very start.



how to plot more graph on different invertals  one time.

for example the intarvals [-5,5],[-1,1],[0,1]

I tried the following:







However Maple outputs M:=2, but I want Maple to tell me the corresponding assignment 'b' of the maximum value of L, or at least 'L[2]'.

Is this possible and if so, how?

Thanks for answering.

I tried the following:





Unfortnuately Mape ouputs: utility[3]||1

How can I get Maple to recognize the expression behind utility[3]||1?

Thanks for helping.

Basically I want to plot the following parametric plane:


r (u,v) = [ u*cos(v) , u*sin(v) ]    where    u ranges from 1 to 2, and v ranges from 0 to 2*pi.


There are some things that has to be done.

- It has to be in 2 Dimensions.

- The axes has to be labelled x and y.

- The edge of the plan must not be rough.

- The entire plane has to have one color. No black stribes etc.


i have run a progrm in maple. this program is to solve 6 equastions for 1000 000 00 times. maple is shutdown when the process reach 1000,000 times.

can you help me to solve this problem in the maple pragram, please?

do you think increase the memory pf the maple is on solution for this problem?




I have a large calculation set in Maple 14 that has an assigned value to the variable 'm'. Now I am trying to incorporate units into the calculations using "with(Units[Standard]):". However, an error is thrown whenever i try to use the [[m]] units, since I have assigned it a value already. Is there any way to keep my variable name and still use meters as units?



i have a problem to find the minimum point for implictfunction ,

I have a implictfunction that is ( f(x,y,z)=0 ), i want to find the minimum point for x.

I try to solved this problem using optimastion package and lagrangeMulteplied. the poth packages do not solved the problem.

Also if i have a implicitfunction as g(x,y,z,k)=0.

can you help me to solved this problem using maple? 


Recently I wanted to create a simple 2D-plot representing this piecewise expression:

T1:=piecewise(x>=0, 3.5*x*13/3+13, x>=20, 3.4*x*13/3+13, x>=30, 3.25*x*13/3+13);

or alternatively: T1:=t->piecewise(t>=0, 3.5*t*13/3+13, t>=20, 3.4*t*13/3+13, t>=30, 3.25*t*13/3+13);

Unfortunately, no matter whether I entered it as a function or as an expression, I was not able to make Maple plotting this function correctly for a domain D

I am having a problem working with a slider and a plot component in Maple 14. The slider specifies the domain of an animation I am trying to show. Whenever the slider's value is changed, I have code that should change the plot property "play" to "true" so that the animation begins. However, it fails to play the animation. After some troubleshooting, I found that the exact same code works in a Toggle Button component, and I also discovered that the Slider...

I'm brand new to Maple. How can I plot the Gammafunction with real numbers (not in N and C)?

I can only plot the Gammafunction in the complex plane by using the following:




Is it also possible to plot the Betafunction B(a,b):=int(t^(a-1)*(1-t)^(b-1),t=0..1) in such a way that I can assign special values to a and b?

These solutions will help me so much....Thank you for your answer!!!

I want to compute expected utilities, i.e. I have a random variable and a utility function, e.g.






and now I want to compute the expected utility, i.e.:

When Maple displays the results of a do-loop, it usually assigns only one label (e.g. '(2.1)') to the whole bunch of results.

Is there a way to have Maple assign a label to each expression resulting from some do-loop commands?

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