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I have been using fsolve to derive constants for a polynomial. These are presented clearly in blue, but I am unable to reference these numbers for further calculations other than by typing them in manually. e.g. output is:

{d = 520.9032305, c = .41478630e-1, b = -.84548378e-5, a = .125070852e-8}


> y[3]=a*x[3]^3+b*x[3]^2+c*x[3]+d,y[4]=a*x[4]^3+b*x[4]^2+c*x[4]+d},{a,b,c,d});

can anyone one help me to download maple 6 ?

I've used fsolve in Maple 6 to find the roots (real and complex) of a polynomial.  I'd like to create a plot showing the location of those roots in the complex plane.  How can I do this?

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