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I want to use canonical analysis or any other method to get vlaue of X1,X2.

How do I get  x 1, x 2 value?

please help!!

How to solve delay differential equation by method of steps in MAPLE software. 

I want to run a specific color red outside and yellow inside on my equation here using MAPLE 8.00:


is there some one here can help me? is the example of color I want Eg: 

Hi Maple expert,

May I ask your time little bit, I am struggling with the 3D plot in maple, for basic 3D plot in maple is no problem for me, but this is a new case for me actually I want to perform a 3D plot based on these 3 different type of plots (or equations), here they are:

1. plot(2*(exp(-0.15*(u)^1.5))*(u)^0.5,u=0..2);

2. plot([0.2*(x-sin(x)),0.5*(1-cos(x)),x=0..10*Pi]);

3. polarplot(4+1*cos(5*x),x=0..2*Pi);

Can someone help me for this, many thanks for your help and time.

Hello everyone, 

In Maple8, I tried to plot this logistic map and an error occured (Error, (in Bifurcation) `plots` does not evaluate to a module).

What is wrong into this code?

Thank you


restart: with(plots):Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined

> Bifurcation := proc(initialpoint,xexpr,ra,rb,acc)
> local p1,hr,A,L1,i,j,phi:
> global r,L2:
> hr := unapply(xexpr,x);
> A := Vector(600):
> L1 := Vector(acc*500):
> for j from 1 to acc+1 do
> r := (ra + (j-1)*(rb-ra)/acc):
> A[1] := hr(initialpoint):
> for i from 2 to 500 do
> A[i] := evalf(hr(A[i-1])):
> end do:
> for i from 1 to 400 do
> L1[i+400*(j-1)] := [r,A[i+100]]:
> end do:
> end do:
> L2 := {seq(L1[i], i = 1..acc*400)}:
> p1 := plots:-pointplot(L2, 'symbol' = solidcircle, 'symbolsize' = 8, 'color' = blue):
> unassign('r'):
> return(p1):
> end proc:
> P1:= Bifurcation(1/2,r*x*(1-x),2.5,4,250):
Error, (in Bifurcation) `plots` does not evaluate to a module


I took a calculus 1 class in 2002, so i have many maple worksheets i would like to view on my new dell venue 8 pro. can the player read the .mws ext ?  Donald Altringer

ps. I have maple 8 on my laptop but not on th tablet and i don't  have a way of installing it



Currently I have to deal with this nonlinear differential equations. The "Newton iteration is not converging" is the main problem. Could anyone propose some solutions?

Thanks a lot.

-EM*iner*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 4)))-(3/2)*EM*A*nonln*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 2)))*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 1)))^2+u*EM*A*nonln*(9*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 1)))*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 2)))*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 3)))+3*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 2)))^3+(3/2)*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 1)))^2*(diff(f(x), `$`(x, 4...

In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

Hi to all.. Maybe a beginner's question: How to configure Maple to automatically execute a worksheet as soon as it is loaded? I use Maple 8 on Windows XP and don't want to do Edit/Execute worksheet. Maple is opened via an external batch file. Also, that worksheet produces a graphic file. How to modify the worksheet so that the graphic is automatically saved in a c:\Picture directory after being produced? Thanks for your kind help, Pierre

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