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hi everyone , please help me to sort out this problem ... suppose i have a matrix 1 2 3 ? 2 ? 2 1 6 where ? are unknown values . what i want to do is to "Fill in the missing values by the respective attribute means. " How i will do it matlab? please help me as soon as possible ...
I have been experimenting with overloading existing Maple functions by creating an appropriate package, as described in the "overload" help. It works fine in general. I was hoping to change the definition of `abs` on type Vector to be sqrt(V . V) in this way, but the change does not work because `abs` already has an alternative definition on this datatype and it seems that built in functions take precedence over overload versions that one has added. Is there any way of achieving this? Grateful for any pointers.
Maple usually has white background and red font. How to set font black and background color in light grey? Should I use "Format"--"Styles"? But why each time when I build new file I lost the previous style setting?
weights in Statistics[NonlinearFit] within M10:

what does that do exactly - stupid me can not find from the help
saying "weights = Vector -- Provide weights for the data points"
Does that mean the points are weighted (i e the count multiple)
or does it do (fct(x_i) - approx(x_i) )^2 / weight_i or what?
If i save a sheet in M10 and open it then it shows tildes
dispite having interface( showassumed = 0 ) in my ini file.
In M9.5 that was ok (using WIN ME in both cases, classical
interface of course ... and having asumptions in the sheet)

How this ugly behaviour can be avoided?

Trying to calculate the determinant of matrix A i have to add extra details to the function (integer) to get result (for example): Det(A) - does not work for me, but - Det(A) mod 10000 (or 10^n); - does and gives the result (honestly it took me a while to get it clear, i mean to get Det(A) work). I think it's not the way it is supposed to work. In help it's simply clarified that Det(A) function should give the result of determinant of matrix A, without any additional integers like mod :/. I can't figure out this riddle.. (i've started using maple 3weeks ago, and mostly for algebra and geometry). Any help pls? Do i have to change any settings? Tnx, in advance =).

I want to know how to send mails to multiple email addresses using PHP code. Thanks.
Does anyone have advice for content in a maple tutorial for calculus students and any math students for that matter? I am doing a tutorial to help students avoid the fear of Maple and try to help them to avoid common mistakes. Any suggestions would be great!
pls check the attached worksheet ... any reason for that behaviour?

PS: not attached due to some oddity of the forum software,
"Error attaching file 102_strangeRoot.mws: exceeds maximum file size"

so take it from
(or *.zip if perfered, it is below 4 kB anyway ...)
I'm trying to figure out how to fit the data below to a curve of the form: a+b*sin[(pi*x)/6-c] How do can I do this in Maple 10? 1,43.2 2,47.2 3,53.7 4,60.9 5,70.5 6,82.1 7,88.0 8,86.0 9,77.4 10,66.0 11,51.5 12,44.1
Is it possible with Maple 10 to change a document so that in the middle, there are two columns? One might imagine having some text describing how data was gathered where the text is spread over the usual six inches or so. Reading on down the document, the style might change to two columns: a graph of the data in the right column and comments on the data in the left. After this, the document could revert to the normal six inch, full line text. Did I not see something such as this in a demo at the Maple Summer Conference?
I want to display a 3dplot of a current

iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const:=plot3d(iL_RMS_func_Ue_const, 0..2, 0..1, axes=normal, title="RMS current through the inductor with Ue constant and Ua variable", labels=["Ia_IaLGmax", "Ua_Ue", "iL_RMS_Ue_const"]);

together with an output curve. The output curve (which is two dimensional) should have as the z value in a 3d plot the value of iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const at that place. I have uploaded an example to (the blue curve is the output curve). Is it possible, without recalculating the z value with a function to call, to extract it from the iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const plot data structure with an op command or something similar. The 3dplot command for the output curve should look somehow like this:
I don't understand, why maple has problems with the following command:


It seems that Maple doesn't call the funciton iL_RMS_func_Ue_const with the function variables Iatest and Utest. Instead it just uses the variable names Iatest and Utest. I get the error message:

Error, (in iL_RMS_AVG) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 46.87500000*Iatest <= .1250000000*(1500-1500*U_test)*U_test

How do I get Maple to use the actual Values of Iatest und U_test? Below are the functions which are related to the problem.
Hi, All, Please look at this example. I am using Newton's method to solve for the equation x^2-a=0. > restart: > Digits := 30: > f :=x-> x^2-a: > df :=x-> 2*x: > for a from 1 to 6 do > x0 := trunc(sqrt(a)): > for j from 1 to 5 do > x1 := x0 - f(x0)/df(x0); > x0 := x1; > rsd := f(x0); > end: > printf(`%3.10f\t %3.10e\n`, x0,rsd): > end: Now, I want to plot the solution x and the residue rsd against a in 2 separate figures, how to write the code? David
I've been exploring the link between Maple and Matlab, and there seems to be no documentation on how to use Maple to call commands (or .m files) in Matlab. On the other hand, it doesn't state that this is not possible. Has anyone else looked into this?
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