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Hi all,

During simulation I need to use a parameter as a feedback, which is previously determined in a Modelica Custom Component. In this case, can we use Zero Order Hold (ZOH) block/function to hold the previous value? If yes, how should we choose the parameters of ZOH?


Hi All,


I want to create a MapleSim Custom Component which has a vector input and the output is a matrix. In this case how can I define the system (Dynamic system sys:=DynamicSystems[?])? Hence, how can I assign these input/output to component ports?



How does one go about defining a road surface that can be used with the tire library for doing road holding on hills and side slopes?


When i start the simulation of my model, which is a rotor-stator interaction, i get an error message where the rotor first touches the stator: "Simulation problem: maximum number of event iterations reached (100) at t= ....". I made a custom component to handle the contact event (change of the derivatives), but i don't know where i can change the maximum iteration to a higher number.

Thank you.

I'm learning maplesim 4.5 for my project. I need to create a custom component for throttle area in engine modeling?

when I created I faced an error  like  'invalid input: Modelica expects value for keyword parameter parameters to be of type list (name =realcons)'


please suggest me to create the custom component. . .

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