Question: Differential questions help!

K, im on this question right now:

Show that dV/dt = -k * V^(2/3) given that k = 0.4836 and t is measured in minutes if the original volume of the capsule is 300 ml, how long will it take the capsule to lose half its volume?

Im doing this on maple right now and see you if guys can spot my problem or my syntax:

1. eq1 := diff(y(t), t) = -k*y(t)^(2/3)

2. dsolve(eq1, y(t)) which gives me an equation

3. dsolve({eq1, y(0) = 300}, y(t)) here i set the equation to equal to 300 to find my C

4. solve(subs(k = .4836, Y(t)), t) here i tried finding the time needed to lose half its volume but its giving me a set of numbers

Help will be greatly appreciated!


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