Question: Differentiating a function and then evaluating it

Ive tried this for hours and can't get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to 

find a 10 significant figure approximation to the 10th derivative of

evaluated at x = -2.

Ive tried using this maple command:


and it spits out:

7047.249566/e^4+238.7241052*ln(e)^10/e^4-12480.67348*ln(e)/e^4-69029.48292*ln(e)^4/e^4+1033.686349*ln(e)^9/e^4-4765.994242*ln(e)^6/e^4+2810.503606*ln(e)^7/e^4-64387.12340*ln(e)^2/e^4-91491.90118*lng e)^3/e^4+2515.580582*ln(e)^8/e^4-29704.73205*ln(e)^5/e^4;

What am i doing wrong??

Kind Regards


p.s. im using maple 14

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