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Dear Sir,

I attached an example file to this email via speedyshare, please check it out, also please see the following pasted warning message from that file.

My analysis gives a warning. Though I have results that look reliable, it is nasty to receive this kind of warning...

Actually what this warning means?
Does it affect the results badly?
How about reliability of analysis, still reliable?

Warning message is as follows:

Warning, initial point [Agr = .900000000000000, For = .900000000000000, Mea = .900000000000000, Res = .900000000000000] does not satisfy the inequality constraints; trying to find a feasible initial point
Warning, the new feasible initial point is [Agr = 2.77836944274018, For = .207991933785798, Mea = .692192793365285, Res = 2.06169982925167]

Thank you and kind regards

P.S.: I tried to send you a message directly, but failed since I do not have 10 reputation yet,

sorry for any inconvenience, thank you.

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