Question: GraphTheory - tree structure issues

Using the tree structure example from ?GraphTheory[DrawGraph] using showlabels=true the highlighted areas are merged and no amount of zooming can seperate the merged yellow areas.

Another issue, I don't see the advantage of style=tree when a tree structure can only be printed if the original DrawGraph is already represented as a tree style structure when DrawGraph is executed.  Also the root=   option doesn't appear to make any difference to the tree structure.

And must style=tree structures always be represented in paired sets? 

can I do {{1,4,5,6,3,2}} where the first number represents the number all of the other numbers in the set branch from, would seem simpler than to do {{1,4},{1,5},{1,6} ... etc.  Unless I missed something

Also suppose in the above example I want  to branch 3 to another 1 and 4 which is not the same as the first appearing ones higher up in the tree.
ie/                          1
                            /   \
                          2     4
                        /  | \
                      3    1  4
How would I get maple to display that?

I realized I packed a lot of questions into one, hopefully they can all be answered.

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