Question: Plotting rows of a matrix

Ok, this mut have been asked a million times, but for the heck I cannot find how to do it:

I have a data file with many columns of data, delimiited, and many rows. I can read this in with ImportMatrix no sweat. The generated matrix has (row,column) format, i.e. matrix[1] is row 1 etc.

Now I want to plot two arbitrary columns against each other, say matrix[][19] vs matrix[][13] (the 19th column vs the 13. column). The data are monotonic in each vector so I can plot lines or points or whatever. Heck, to keep it simple it is fine to just plot a column vs the index. Trying just plot(matrix[i,19]i=1..20) & brothers however fails with some error like "invalid index into matrix" and I conclude that Maple insists to use floats as index. I have not found a way around that. Played with Statistics[ScatterPlot] but it wants to plot rows. Since I want to plot certain columns, just transposing the matrix does not quite get me there.

So, is there a quick way to achieve such a plot? I'd rather not have to extract the vectors to plot. this is supposed to be quick & dirty, just to verify the data are what I think they are before further processing.

FWIW: Maple 15 on Mac OS X 10.4.

Thanks in advance,

Mac Dude

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