Question: need help in using maple

I am going to use maple in connection with my project concerning non-linear dynamic and chaos, but i have never used the program before, so I hope you guys can help me with that,

I have a model of non-linear dynamic system as following:

dA/dr = k + m * Y(r) - A(r) * B(r) * B(r) - A(r)

dB/dr=1/q * [A(r) * B(r) * B(r) + A(r) - B(r)]

dY/dr=1/s * [B(r) - Y(r)] 

the values of the parameters are:
k= 10
q= 5 * 10^(-3)
s=2 * 10^(-2)

and now, I need to make a bifurcation diagram for B where i vary the parameter "m" from 0 to 0.180
and then, I need to calculate the average lyanupov-exponent while "m" being 0.153

Sorry for my poor english, but I really need a helping hand from you guys.
Thanks in advance


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