Question: Help solving a system of PDE or simplifying it


I have a rather burly system of PDE that I need solved in maple.  It's a little complicated to explain the set-up, but I am solving for some coefficients of a function expansion where each coefficient is solved in terms of some other known functions. 

Basically the problem is the technique and code works perfectly for another application, but it fails me here.  For one, when I try rifsimp(%,[a[0](x,y,t),b[0](x,y,t),c[0](x,y,t)]), it runs for 24 hours or more and never finishes.  On a smaller computer it just runs out of memory.

What I want to be able to do is execute the command pdsolve(%,[a[0](x,y,t),b[0](x,y,t),c[0](x,y,t)]), where % is the system I am interested in.  After thinking for a while it comes back and says it is inconsistent. All the equations in % are in terms of other functions p(x,t) and q(y,t) and their derivatives, p_x, q_y, etc.  I want to end up with a[0](x,y,t) = f(p,p_x,q,q_y,...) for b[0] and c[0] as well.

Please help!  Is there a way to simplify the system I am not aware of?  The code is straight forward and you will see where it gets caught up. The file is here:



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