Question: map a piecewise function and eval

#hi guys i have a new challenge. and i need your help again, my problem is to map a  piecewise function and #evaluate  with a matriz. thus 

A := LinearAlgebra:-RandomMatrix(2, 3);
B := piecewise(a+b < x, a.x+b^2, a+b < x and x < a^2+b, x^2.b+a.x);

A := convert(A, listlist):

#this is my last try to do that.

LL := map(((proc (a, b) ->( a+b < x, (a.x+b^2)/(a+b), a+b < x and x < a^2+b, x^2.b+a)@op), %):

#i think the problem is in piecewise function.

#the result i expect is like LL:=[...]

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