Question: complexplot, 1 million points

This question is related to the Question Plot over 1M points

I'm having problems using the complexplot command in Maple 16 with over 1 million points. I really want to plot the points - I don't want an approximation. I noticed some strange things with the list/table carrying my complex points. If I ask for individual values, like T[20], it won't give the correct value, but if I ask for a range, like T[1..20], it will display the correct values.

I get an error when trying to use complexplot saying either invalid range, if I don't have a range for the 2nd and 3rd argument, or else Error, (in plot) procedure expected, as range contains no plotting variable. I assume that there's some problem with the table being too large and not a problem with the complexplot command. Is there any way around this?

Btw, it took almost 3 and a half hours to run the command complexplot and Maple took up almost 5GB during that time. Time and memory are not an issue for me - I can go up to 256GB.

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