Question: A fast bug fix and Maple Mathematica bug fix comparison

The latest quick update fix for a bug is the fastest fix I have seen in a long time.  A nice surprise actually.

In my travels I happened to come across this ... "Since then, we’ve successfully released a new build of Wolfram|Alpha’s codebase each week, incorporating not only hundreds of minor behind-the-scenes enhancements and bug fixes, but also a steady stream of major new features and datasets."  taken from here

Now, did I read that correctly?  It seems to me that updates are continually made to the product and passed on to the customer behind the scenes 52 times per year.  Meaning the Mathematica user has the most recent fixes available almost immediately. 

I know Maple builds up a large number of fixes before an update is considered worthwhile before being released but this update system Mathematica has, tops the cake (if of course the user really does get updated every week).

Comments, thoughts?


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