Question: DirectSearch optimization package


I'm using the DirectSearch package in a 10 periods model and in the first period i get this values:

> DirectSearch[SolveEquations](sys, assume = positive);
Warning, complex or non-numeric value encountered; trying to find a feasible point

Vector[column](%id = 18446744078126621390), [

x1a = HFloat(4204.651582462925),

x1c = HFloat(4204.651582462925),

x2a = HFloat(1787.760621851102),

x2c = HFloat(1787.7606218511032)], 392]

How can i define (in which command...) the values of the first period of x1a. x2a,x1c,x2c as the starting point (inventory in my case) of the second period. in other words. i would to define x1a2=4204.651+x1a1 (. noticed that x1a=4204.651 according to results of the package) without using Ctrl c - Ctrlv command...





where the values the i get from the 

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