Question: The damped driven pendulum

The damped driven pendulum is modeled using :

d2(x)/d(t2) + b*d(x)/d(t) + sin(x) = F*cos(x).  (4)

Numerically simulate (4) with b=0.22 and F=2.7

a) Starting from any reasonable initial condition, perform a phase portrait analysis. Show that the time series has an erratic appearance, and interpret it in terms of the pendulum's motion.

b) Plot the Poincare section by sampling the system whenever  t=2*pi*k, where k is an integer.

c) Zoom in on part of the strange attractor found in part (b). Enlarge a region that reveals the Cantor-like cross section of the attractor.

PLease help me with this qustion in Maple.

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