Question: How do i solve an equation with 2 variables (x,y) for a specific list of values for y ?


First of all I just want to say that your forum is great and it helped me to find a lot of new stuff for Maple. I am yet still a beginner but …we all need to learn. So let’s get to my question. I have an equation with 2 variables - x and y. This is the equation

x = y*(25+2*x)^(2/3)/(25*(.566*(25*x)^(2/3)))

So… I know I can solve the equation for x and y and I can give it specific values for y and it solve it every time. When, for instance, I enter a value y = 12, I get a result for x for like 0.933. And I can add some move values for y and get all the results I need.

So here is the problem. I have a list of 365 values for Y that I need to substitute in this equation. Is there a way I can make Maple to automatically solve the 365 equations at once? I mean is there any way that I could specify a list for y = ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,20,30…….) and so on ?

Thank you in advance ! 

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