Question: Using numerical sol of ODE in another ODE

Say we solve numerically and ODE using Maple. Say ode1:= { diff(Q(x),x)= Q(x)/3x , Q(1)=1 }

The solution is a procedure so now suppose we have another ODE where the solution appears.Say  ode2:= { diff(f(x),x)= Q(x)*x , f(1)=4}.

To extract the solution of the first ODE I set sol1:=dsolve(ode1,numeric) and Q:=proc(x) local s: return rhs(sol(x)[2]): end proc:

But now I got an error message when I trying sol2:=dsolve(ode2,numeric).

Is it possible to use a procedure in the definition of the ODE one wants to solve?


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