Question: I have problem to solve equation


I want to solve system of equation but it has unknow parameter.

Then I test system of equation. It hasn't unknowparameter.

eq1 := x^2+y^2 = 4

eq2 := y-x^2 = 0

fsolve({eq1, eq2}, {x, y})

{x = -1.249621068, y = 1.561552813}

So I get answer by using fsolve.


Then I try to put unknow parameter in system of equation.

eq3 := x^2+ky^2 = 4

eq4 := ay-hx^2 = 0

fsolve({eq3, eq4}, {x, y})

Error, (in fsolve) {ay, hx, ky} are in the equation, and are not solved for

I don't get answer and open link. The link hasn't similar this problem.

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