Question: Windows8.1 plot3d has no colour

I am trying to make a plot3d on my Surface Pro  3 running Windows8.1.

The plot looks like a ghost.  Pale grey.  It looked nice and colourful when I executed the same command on an older computer a few hours ago.  (I know it was exactly the same command because I saved the file on my old computer and then opened in on the Surface Pro 3)

Is there a way to fix this?


plot3d(-x^2+y^2-3*x+2*y+100, x = -5 .. 8, y = -5 .. 5, transparency = 0, lightmodel = light1, glossiness = 1, filled = true, style = wireframeopaque, shading = zhue, view = [-5 .. 10, -5 .. 8, 0 .. 150]);

 OOPS!  Now the problem has corrected itself.  

I'm getting worried about all the weird things Maple is doing on this Surface Pro 3.  I'm trying to make up a final exam tonight (the exam is tomorrow).

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