Question: seq(i, i=5.-1.2) Unusual output!

seq(i,i=1..5);  gives output 1,2,3,4,5

seq(i,i=5..1);  seems to get ignored in Maple 7.  It does not return an error message.

I was hoping to step back from a large number to a smaller one in stepsof minus one.  The for loop structure allows negative "increments" - so I experimented by putting the decrement value of -1 between the two dots.  I was expecting it to givean error message, so was surprisd when it gavesome output!

eg  seq(i, i=5.-1.2);  gives output of 38, -1

I'm curious as to what is happening here?  Also, has the seq command been upgraded in later versions of Maple?  eg is it possible to do negative decrements?

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