Question: How to plot this function in 3d?

please i need assistance on how to go about contructing a 3d plot of the fuction below:

((Pi*BesselJ(1, x)*HermiteH(0, x)+2*BesselJ(0, x)-Pi*BesselJ(0, x)*BesselJ(1, x)*HermiteH(0, x))*exp(-x^2*D*t/`αk`)*BesselJ(0, x/chi)/BesselJ(1, x)^2)-M[0]*T[2]*`γgr`*exp(-T[g/T[0]]*(t-delta))

please i will appreciate a code or sort of syntax or guidline on how to do it,pls i want to plot the value of the function on the y axis, chai on the x axis and t[2] on the z axis.


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