Question: why do Maple help pages look so...?

I started to notice strange things happening to Maple help pages lately when I google something. I think someone is changing them from inside Maplesoft? Now they look hard to read since I see text below another text and also can't copy it to retype it in my notebook since the syntax is not even valid. Here is a screen shot


I thought at first my browser was playing games on me. But I tried it with firefox and Chrome and after refreshing, and the pages still look mangled like the above.

Since I find it hard to believe someone at Maplesoft will make help pages like the above on purpose, where text falls below the line and it not even possible to interpret it when one wants to copy it, since the syntax is not even valid Maple syntax, I would have to imagine there is a bug somewhere inthe help pages generation.  But if so, someone must have seen it before me. I can't be the only person in the world who is googling Maple help.

This is why I am asking.

Is everyone seeing the same thing I am seeing? I am on windows 7, using Latest browsers.

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