Question: How to manipulate sums in Maple

I am working on a problem involving sums in Maple and I find Maple's facilities lacking.

Specifically; I want to convert the square of a sum into a sum of squares plus the cross terms (which is a subtask of a larger problem). So I start with


and immediately get stuck as I do not find any command that does anything with it. The expansion of this is known and easy to derive:

sum(E[n],n=1..N)^2 = sum(E[n]^2,n=1..N) + 2*sum(sum(E[m]*E[n],m=1..n-1),n=1..N);

Maple knows nothing about this relation. I have checked out packages like SumTools but have not found anything useful for this purpose. Quite some time ago I have had difficulty distributing a sum over the elements of its expression; this was answered here and involved a custom function.

Does a package exist that has these kinds of conversions, or do I need to roll my own? It seems a general enough issue that I would expect functions for this to exist.


Mac Dude

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