Question: 3D plot in maple

I want to plot two functions on the same 3D plot. X axis is Pa, Y axis is Pb, and Z axis is the value of each functions. (Profit1 an Profit 3)

I want to see dots (preferably different color) for each function's values based on different Pa and Pb combinations. So, it will be easy to navigate how these functions approach (or drift apart) based on Pa and Pb. 

I attached the maple file. My functions are Profit1 and Profit3.

Pa and Pb are probability values ranging 0 to 1, with 0.01 increment. I have the condition that Pa<Pb, always.

So, Pb = 0:0.01:1

      Pa = 0:0.01:(Pb - 0.01)  (This the for loop I use in MATLAB, I am not sure it is the same in Maple)

The constant values are:

c = 0;
p = 1;
wu = 0.8;
w = 0.5;
Ha = 100;
Hb = 200;

How should I plot these functions on 3D? I also wonder that if it is possible to plot this scenario on 2D.

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