Question: Hard double integral

How to find the integral

assuming k and n  integer?
It is known (McCrea W. H., Whipple F. J. W.Random paths in two and three dimensions, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh. 1940. V. 60. P. 281–298) that


The general case is reduced to the case k=n.
This is not a creature of pure reason: the one appears in electric circuits
(see M. Skopenkov, A. Paharev, A. Ustinov, Through resistor net, Mat. pros. Issue 18 (2014), 33-65, in Russian,
I found G(8,8) = 182144/(45045*Pi) in 657.797 s and G(9,9) = 3186538/(765765*Pi) in 4157.687 s on my comp by

restart; s := time():(1/2)*VectorCalculus:-int((1-cos(9*Pi*x)*cos(9*Pi*y))/(sin((1/2)*Pi*x)^2+sin((1/2)*Pi*y)^2), [x, y] = Rectangle(0 .. 1, 0 .. 1)); time()-s;
Mathematica 10.3.0 does G(9,9) in 250.391 s on my comp.


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