Question: Loop with boolean

Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to write a programme in maple? I want to do a loop that iterate from an integer from 0 to N where I want to write a prodedure, say, MEC(N). Then I want to organise the output into a list of three lists  [[min points],[escape],[capture]], which, if correct, should include all integers from 0 to N exactly once.

> MEC := proc (N)
local IsEmpty, Escape, escape, capture, minpoints, Capture, z, MinPts, ic;
IsEmpty := array(0 .. 2*N);
Escape := array(0 .. 2*N);
Capture := array(0 .. 2*N);
MinPts := array(0 .. N);
IsEmpty := true;
Escape := true;
Capture := true;
MinPts := true;

for ic from 0 to N do
if IsEmpty then
z := ic;
MinPts[ic] := true;
z := ic;
while z <= 2*N and F(z) <= 2*N do
z := F(z);
IsEmpty[z] := true;
Escape[z] := true
end do;

z := ic;
while z <= 2*N and Finv(z) <= 2*N do
z := Finv(z);
IsEmpty[z] := true;
Capture[z] := true end do fi;
end do;
return [MinPts(z), Escape(z), Capture(z)]
end proc;

There are two operations involved in the program which is the function F and F inverse called Finv. 
i need to produce the output which contain the list of integers exactly once.

I could not figure out which logical expression that I do wrong.

Thank you for your help!

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