Question: Change of variable

Hi all,

I would like to plot a function U(x,t) in an interval [-2,0] such that

U(x,t)=u0(z)+t*u1(z) where  z=x/t,

u0(z)=z^2/3+sqrt(-z) and

diff(u1(z), z)=9/4*(84*(-z)^(11/2)-8*z^7+540*(-z)^(5/2)+324*z^4-324*z)*u1(z)/((z^2+3*sqrt(-z))*(2*(-z)^(3/2)+3)*(8*z^6+66*(-z)^(9/2)-189*z^3+216*(-z)^(3/2)+81))

I used numeric method rkf45 to solve and plot u1(z) with initial condition u1(-2)=1.

I can also use dchange to change variable z to x as variable and t as parameter.

But, I have difficullty to go back to U(x,t).

If someone have any idea.

Thanks in advance.




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