Question: Problem with substitution


I have an expression like this:

a:= b(t)+diff(b(t),t)+diff(b(t),t$2)+diff(b(t),t$3)+...:


I want to substitute diff(b(t),t) with b_symbol_diff. I dont know how many more differentials are in the expression.

If I use subs(diff(b(t),t)=b_symbolic_diff,a)

maple also substitutes in diff(b(t),t$2). Because b_symbol_diff is not a function of t the higher order differentials are zero.

Is there a way to tell maple not to substitute those expressions that are enclosed in diff()?

I need this because I want to calculate the Jacobian of a vector and VectorCalculus[Jacobian]() does not accept functions.

Thanks in advance!

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