Question: Kernel connection has been lost


I would like to ask you for your help

I receive this message when trying to export matrix to excel file:


> restart; with(ExcelTools); with(LinearAlgebra);

> C := Import("C:/SourceFile.xlsx", "Overview", "AK51:CB94");

> C := convert(C, Matrix);

> B := Import("C:/SourceFile.xlsx", "Overview", "G3:G46");

> B := convert(B, Matrix);

> IM := IdentityMatrix(44, 44);

> NP := 1/(C-IM).(-B);

> NP[6, 1];  //check if there is value. Yes, it works.

> Export(NP, "C:/ResultFile.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A1");


Thank you for any help.

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