Question: time series troubles

Dear Community,

I have two measured series - time series actually, stored in Excel:

  • gas flow (ordered in ascending date order),
  • pressure measurements (unordered, more or less randomly distributed dates),

I would like to:

  • import the two series into Maple,
  • convert them to time series,
  • merge them in a way, that the unordered pressure dates are plugged into the ordered gas flow dates, so I finally get a single, ordered date sequence of ascending order.
  • pressure and gas flow rates should remain separated of course, i.e. not merged (they should appear in two separate vectors, or matrix columns, whatever)
  • if pressure dates and gas flow dates are the same, they should naturally be in the same row, i.e. belong to the same date.

No problems with the import, but I'm lost with the time series handling. I tried to figure it out from the help, but frankly the description is rather difficult, and I also haven't found appropriate examples. Is it possible to do it with Maple's time series feature at all, or something other is more practical? Files and my initial trial are attached.

tx in advance

best regards



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