Question: Surface integrals in maple, taks template and student package


I am trying to set up an surface integral in maple. I have been trying with the Student[VectorCalculus] package.


I have also tried to use the task template for surface integral over a disk but somehow I mess up huge time.

I want the surface to be the wall of a cylindrical form and i want to integrate a disk that is perpendicular to the surface.


I have tried to find help online and in maple help center. If anyone would please take time to explain the syntax of the SurfaceInt command id be happy.

For example should my f be the partial of the surface as it is in the formula? How can i set it up to integrate a circle? I have read at the Student[VectorCalculus][int] help page to get the right synatax but had no luck. Do I for example have to change coors=polar?

and maybe more importantly does that command actually reflect the thing im trying to do? This is the formula for the kind of integral I want:


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