Question: plot3d , nodes, plot


I have two vectors of angle Theta and Phi  given by

Theta=[ 0, Pi/3, 2*Pi/3, Pi];

Phi=[ 0, Pi/3 , 2*Pi/3 , Pi,4*Pi/3, 5*Pi/3, 2*Pi, 7*Pi/3];

I would like a general procedure how can I put on the unit sphere only the point 



(Theta, Phi) in the set {(0,Pi/3),  (0,Pi),  , (0,5*Pi/3),  

(Pi/3,0),   (Pi/3,2*Pi/3),   (Pi/3,4*Pi/3),   (Pi/3,2*Pi), 

(2*Pi/3,Pi/3),   (2*Pi/3,Pi),   (2*Pi/3,5*Pi/3),   (2*Pi/3,7*Pi/3), 

(PI,2*Pi/3),   (Pi,4*Pi/3),   (Pi,2*Pi) }

can we extract these set of point fro the definition of the two vectors Phi and Theta and then make the plot

of course we use 
Many thanks


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