Question: is it possible to trace limit() steps? Which Maple functions support tracing?

Any one know if it possible to see the steps used by the limit() function as one does with many other functions such as dsolve and int ?  This is what I tried

limit(x^2 *log(x),x=0);

But I see no steps, only the final answer. Are not all Maple functions possible to trace? How does one know which functions can generate trace and which do not?

I am using Maple 2016.1

I wanted to see something like:

let x=1/t, hence expression becomes  (-ln t)/t^2, now taking limit as t->infinity. Applying L'Hopital rule, limit t->infinity of -1/(2 t^2) which gives zero.

I assumed this is something what Maple does internally, (but there are other ways also) and wanted to see what Maple does.


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