Question: missing solution from dsolve?

I am not a math major, so may be I am missing something here. But for this ode:

(diff(y(x),x))^2=4 * y(x)

There ought to be (I think) 2 solutions (other than the singular one y(x)=0), due to the square root. i.e the ode becomes

   diff(y(x),x)= +-  2* sqrt(y(x))

So for the + case, there is one solution, and for the - case, there is another solution. But Maple dsolve only gives one solution (again, ignoring the singular solution for now):

eq:=(diff(y(x),x))^2=4 * y(x);

     y(x) = _C1^2-2*_C1*x+x^2

In Mathematica, it gives both solutions

ode = (y'[x])^2 == 4 y[x];
DSolve[ode, y[x], x] // Simplify
    {  {y[x] -> (1/4)*(-2*x + C[1])^2},   {y[x] -> (1/4)*(2*x + C[1])^2}}

Both Maple and Mathematica solutions are correct ofcourse. But my question is why did not Maple give both (non-singular) solutions? and it only gave one?

Maple 2016.2




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