Question: How to increase the resolution of odeplots

Dear All, 

I work on the period doubling phenomenon by integrating the dynamical system at some particular parameter values. My main commands are as follows

with(DEtools): with(plots): with(plottools):
a:=-1: b:=-3: c:=3: d:=1: omega:=1: v1:=1: f:=-4: epsilon:=0.01: 

solC:=dsolve({eval(sys, v2=2.0500014987),
              type=numeric, method=rkf45, maxfun=10^7,
p1:=odeplot(solC, [sqrt(u1(t)^2+u2(t)^2),z(t)],

The resulting curves are quite blurring and furry. I have tried to increase the "refine" or the "numpoints" values, but with minimal improvement. I would like to know if there a way to obtain clean and sharp integral curves?  

I would be very grateful if someone could help me! 

Thank you in advance.

With kind wishes,

Wang Zhe

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