Question: Evaluating a list of equations



i have a problem working with a list of equations. The background for the whole thing is simulating the movement of 4 astronomical bodies with Newtons equation. Currently i have a list which looks like this (read x(1,1) as x-coordinate body 1 time =1):

[ x(1,1)=1,12312,y(1,1)=2,3123,z(1,1)=4,141,...,x(1,n)=5,0102,y(1,n)=0,912,z(1,n)=8,1232,...,x(4,n)=5,92y(4,n)=1,656,z(4,n)=3,141]

so i basically have all the information about where the bodies are.

I want to use this information to create a 3D-pointplot. I know that the point plot requires a special input form ( {[x(1,1),y(1,1),z(1,1],[x(1,2),y(1,2),z(1,2)].....} ), but i alread have managed to convert my original list accordingly. However, i cannot use this new list for pointplot because it contains equations and not simple values.

So how do i get from a list as shown above to a list which contains merely the numeric values?

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