Question: can Maple find solution to eigenvalue boundary value ODE directly?

newbie here. When I give Maple 2016.2  a boundary value ODE with an eigenvalue in it, it returns the trivial solution. I was wondering if Maple supports finding non-trivial solution and also give the eigenvalue values associated with the non-trivial solution?


The outtput is `y(x)=0`

In Mathematica, it gives both trivial and non-trivial solution:

Clear[L0, lam, x, y, r]
ode = y''[x] + lam y[x] == 0;
bc = {y[0] == 0, y[L0] == 0};
sol = Assuming[Element[L0, Reals] && L0 > 0, 
  DSolveValue[{ode, bc}, y[x], x]]

And the answer is

If Maple does not currently support this, any one knows if this will added to Maple 2017?


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